Hey welcome!

I am Bima, a hardcore introverted person doing his best to keep alive in this world. I am a vegan and consider myself as a part of LGBTQ+ community. I am also a student but not really enjoying classes. And this is my personal blog.

I love to create things. I also love to share positivity with others. I used to be so horrible on myself, now this self-love journey is what I am focusing on. I want to get better as a person; and being the best version of me.

Here, I share my personal opinions about certain things that come across my mind. I write about my fears, my doubts, my favorites, my traveling stories and some form of arts that I enjoy doing. Honestly there’s many more here.

All of these are wrapped up hopefully in some kind of digestible contents for people who consider themselves as open minded to see into my perspective and messy brain. I aspire to share the beauty of our world and all beings who live in this planet (yeah our world is messy but there’s always beauty).  This blog also be a part of my adventure that we all call life to be documented and one day will leave a mark in this world (hopefully).

All pictures here are taken and edited by me, unless stated otherwise. I welcome critique and feedbacks from my reader because I am learning here, and knowing that I am not just a weird person but I know nothing.

I sincerely do hope you’re enjoying my Blog and we can know each other (because I know you’re a cool person!).