Curious gaze…



It’s so dangerous when a writer fall in love with you, or at least crushing you.

You wouldn’t guess part of your body or behave has been stolen and crafted into river of words, which they would share only if you’re willing to swim…


You’re such a mystery,

Pacing back and forth in front of me

will you stop?

I am here, calculating the odds

Wonder if we have something in common


You’re such a comedy,

casting those cool looks, inviting me

What’s that?

find curiosity under those stare,

Sure it’s not a staring contest,

‘cause we never took it longer than 10’s.



This is such a dilemma

a temporary affection

inflicting a burning desire,

deep inside conflict arises,

don’t know which one is the true sign.

stay silent though I’m not that fine


Your persona is inevitable

Your vibe turns me unstable

Two years been alone,

Nothing like this ever happened

If you could say you’re up to a game

Grab my hand I am ready to play.


Photo by nathan burrows on Unsplash



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